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About Louis

Through the influence passed down from his lineage of highly musical family, it’s little surprise that Louis’s journey into music began early. Fast forward to today and the South London singer-songwriter has played for European artist Patrice Bart-Williams, performed at Glastonbury, as well as written and performed for various film soundtracks, notably “The Hatton Garden Job”, Noel Clarke’s ‘Brotherhood’, and critically acclaimed “Obey”.


Referring to his sound as “mixed music”, Louis is much removed from the confines of any singular genre. Instead, he meanders in and around the genres of R&B, Soul & Jazz, with a strong nod to the Pop world. It’s equal parts groovy and sensual, taking influences from Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Craig David, and George Benson to name just a few. 


His writing process is never contrived, and ideas often spawn in the depths of his dreams. As a multi-instrumentalist and a producer, he merges both of these worlds, with ideas flowing freely and emerging from a single chord, melody or word. Lyrically, he delves into themes of progression and realisation. He’s not one to shy away from opening up about love, loss and self-awareness, which is always done from a place of optimism and positivity.

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